Saturday, June 12, 2010

Octopus Photo Question!

I had Stephanie from Ten Talents ask me a question in one of the comments [about my banner pictures] so I figured I'd answer that to whoever else wanted to know!!

Stephanie: You've got a lot of great pics on here! Where did you take the one of the octopus? Did you actually take that yourself?

A. Yes I did take that photo. I haven't posted any photos that I don't own and didn't take in any of my blog posts or in my header. I wanted this blog to represent my life lately - so the only way to do that is to use only pictures I've taken. As for the Octopus picture - I'm giving you the chance to look closer!! It was actually taken in the Seattle Aquarium!! [You can see the reflection of my son's orange jacket and his fingers in the left corner of the photo]. Eventually I'll get the one blog post back up that had those photos in it. It's amazing what you can do with a camera sometimes, isn't it? And that was shockingly one the first weekends with my new camera!! Honestly some of these pictures came from pure luck, trust me on that!

Edited: I forgot I had two octopus pictures up, I apologize! Not from the same location! This one was taken in Poulsbo, WA - they have a marine science center there and that's where this photo was taken at.

If any one has questions they have been wondering, feel free to ask!


allthingsnew said...

Hey! Thanks for answering my question! I definitely thought you took those underwater :) I had to look really, really hard to see your son's reflection in the first one. Nice to know I can take great pics without having to get close to the sea life!

Stephanie - Ten Talents

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