Monday, July 26, 2010

On vacation

If any one wondered why I haven't been around - we've been on vacation and are still enjoying ourselves. We won't be here much longer though, in a few days we go to my husband's family reunion for camping!! I'm nervous seeing as I've never camped in my life. It's been great for us to see family, but in a way I'll be glad when all is done and we're back in our own home.

I started a new blog, for my adventures of becoming a work at home mom. You can see my adventures here: From SAHM to WAHM. If any one else out there is a WAHM or works from home I'd love to know tips or anything else you have to offer. I hope all is doing well!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sometimes I love photoshop

As you can imagine with me trying to make designs for Zazzle I have been using and abusing my photoshop program more. Today I've been trying to learn a few simple things and I got to say it's fun!! So I have got to show off what I've done.
First we'll start with the American flag. You can see it in my post before this - it's the flag I used inside the heart. Well I turned it into a pattern overlay in photoshop. Then I made the word love and used the pattern overlay in it, resulting in:

May not too look a lot but it was fun!! Then I learned a different technique on how to change the color of items - so I decided to do it on a photo of my son. I'll show the original and two fun edits:

The original photo above

And the two fun edits!

I know for some photo editors this is, well, boring to say the least. However for me it was rather fun to test his eye colors out!! I know... overkill, right? But sure was fun!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Where have I been?

I've been working hard on zazzle lately and am sorry I haven't been around much! I know I didn't get to do "closetful of crafts" last Friday because I've been trying to design shirts and other items. I'm trying to treat this like a job and stick to it because it can be rewarding in the end. I've always wanted to try something that has an opportunity to make me a WAHM. Nothing too hard, I set my own hours, but get to do something that brings a steady flow of emergency money for us. We'll possibly be needing that extra money too!! My husband hasn't worked on his B.S. and with about two years and five months until we're civilian ridden I'm thinking any extra money will help him in the end, possibly give us a chance to focus more on his education for a while before having to get back to work. That's my goal in two years time is to be able to have saved enough to support us, especially if the economy is still bad by then. Is it doable? Perhaps. I was given responses by some others and if I stick to it I possibly can be able to.

So exactly what have I been doing? Well here's my two store's latest creations:
This I actually created last night - took less than an hour which was good since I got the idea at midnight and couldn't sleep until it was done. That can be found (along with others) at A Little Bit of Fun.

This one (and other awareness) can be found at Tshirts for a Cause.

Obviously I'm no where done on either store front! I've been at it less than a week so it's to be expected. I still have a lot to add and am creating a few other stores in the next couple weeks. I'll be on hiatus for a couple weeks soon, though!! Family reunion so nothing will be done. I might automatically set things to be posted on certain dates, but don't expect too much!!

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