Thursday, January 26, 2006

A lot of time has passed

Well a lot of time has gone by and I never got the chance to update this blog. Although I am sad that I didn't get to write down all the wonderful things that have happened in this pregnancy, I still have those memories which will last a lifetime. But here's what I can tell you...

In August we moved from Georgia to Washington. After a week of RV problems we made it to Idaho where we spent a week then promptly headed to Washington (where we had another RV complication). We spent a while Manufacture Home searching (since the houses down here are so expensive). We had put in an offer on an house, was accepted and had a thirty day closing time. Ten days til closing the seller backed out, pissed because there was a few *minor* repairs she'd have to do on the house for our lender to close. We went back on the MF home hunt and we finally found one we liked which was the exact replica of the other, in the same Mobile Home Park, but so much better in condition. It was ironic since it was awaiting approval when we first saw it. The luck of small favors.

During this time I was trying to get Tricare to change my regions over. I filled out all the papers and sent them in. About three weeks after I did I called them explaining how far along I was and that I needed approval. The lady forwarded everything to her supervisor and in a week I was approved. Making that a total of three months (a whole trimester) without being seen by a doctor.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant now. I am either due around February 4th or 6th, depending on if you're speaking to my old doctor or new. I go by February 4th since that is what I was originally told and that's what all the websites say I am. Although, personally, I'm praying that the little one holds out because Aldon is out to sea currently and will be back soon after. I'm going to break down what we know and what is going on. Edited 6/15/2010: Bravely posting what I looked like around 38 weeks pregnant!! Don't mind the face - it never looks like I'm smiling even when I was!

Felt babies kicking: September 9th, about a month after I could see the kicks.

Morning sickness: No, just always the blah feeling but nothing more.

Type B Strep (GBS): Tested positive, will be receiving either Arythimicin or another drug during delivery since I'm allergic to Ammoxicillian/Penicillian and Cleocin (their two top drugs they use).

Gestational Diabetes: Tested negative both at 8 weeks pregnant and around 33 weeks pregnant. That was good news for me!

Anemic?: Nope, those test came back normal too.

Complications?: Nothing bad has happened to me. The only time I had any problems was on my birthday, September 25th. I told Aldon I felt like I was going to faint and he didn't believe me. Two seconds later he wound up having to catch me, since I almost fainted. We figured I had low blood sugar since I just mentioned being very hungry. That and I was in a hot shower. One of my appointments the little guys heart-rate was high too, which caused me 30-45 minutes of being monitored which they then decided he was fine.

Gender: We're expecting a baby BOY. Found out on my second ultrasound which was late in the pregnancy, on December 20th.

How I'm doing now: Since we've moved in I've been doing the same as always. Everyone expects me to feel horrible right now but I don't. I'm still doing the cleaning and painting (yes, with a respirator and not too often). I've kept everything up and have felt great. Exhausted? Of course, who wouldn't be. But nothing to complain about! No swelling, no "morning sickness", although occasionally I have felt a little more icky but that is to be expected.

Where am I delivering: Well, this is the unfortunate part. Since I'm enrolled in Tricare Prime and there is a military facility "not too far away" they say in my contract I have to go to them for OB/gyn care and the delivery. So instead of getting to birth at the place I want to, which is only a mile from my home, I have to take a fifteen minute drive to the Naval Hospital. Their facility is nice, but I still say there is a lot of idiots there. Long story. Or actually, a short one, let's just say they've screwed up a few times on my file and even once after just ASKING me they put on my files I wasn't allergic to Ammoxicillian. Big mistake.

Oh and incase you're wondering... my mother is coming down here from Idaho tomorrow. She's going to be here almost three weeks. She wants to be sure to be down here for the birth incase Aldon can't make it in time. She also wants to be here long enough to give me some help when he is born and make sure Aldon will make it back before she leaves too. I love my mother.

Pictures added 6/15/2010. The baby room: You should see it! I've been updating a website Album that has pictures of it there but it's currently down so no one can see it until it's completely done. I painted Baby Looney Tunes pictures on the wall and then about 2/3 down the wall I made Baby Looney Tunes stencils and used them to create a border. The top of the wall is in the color Butterfly Flutterby (try saying that five times fast) and the bottom color is Silly Old Bluebird. Those are Behr Disney Colors which can be seen if you click this: Disney Behr

That's the update! I might add a me picture on this Saturday, since I'll be 39 weeks along and my mother can take the picture. Plus I just bought two wonderful outfits yesterday since I was sick of having my tight panel pants and not many good pregnant shirts. Got pants that are maternity that hang under the belly, are so much more comfortable, and look so much better. That and they'll be something I could wear for a little bit after the delivery. I'll make sure to add a picture, promise :o)

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