Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Memories in Photos Wednesday

I think every Wednesday I'll try to do "Memories in Photos" - where I might show one or two old photos and talk about them. So today is my trial day, obviously. I thought it'd be something neat to do when I don't have much to say. We'll see how long it takes until I run out of pictures to post though - although I do have a ton of them! My new camera's folder on my computer has 13,000 photos alone so you can imagine how much that is.. although there's probably over half which I don't like 100% (the anal part of me coming out). Hence why I take about 10-20 photos of the same thing sometimes. LOL. I hope some other photographers admit they do too so I don't feel bad!

Have to say this about my pictures when my son was younger - I had a cruddy camera. Just had to mention that. LOL. Anyway, here we go...

I know how much we love seeing our babies milestones come and go with flying colors. This was one of them. The milestone sheet we were given when he was a baby says by six months they should be sitting up on their own - well by the end of five months (this picture pretty much was the first time) he did it on his own! As you can see, he was so proud (and so were we)! It was so fun to see him get to this point!!

This actually happened shortly after the last photo! He was six months when he quickly went from doing push-ups to doing what can be only described as belly flop crawling. I'd have to show a video someday, in the future. He essentially would drag himself places and while I was working on my husbands quilt (which four years later hasn't been finished) he decided to come over and say hello and hang on to the quilt. It was so cute so I couldn't help taking a few photos of him. I love his baby blues.

So that wraps up Memories in Photos!


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