Saturday, June 19, 2010

Closetful of Crafts Friday

I've been interested in trying to figure out how to crochet cute flowers after *kimw* showed off the "crochet candy" she makes! They're awesome. So I decided to search the internet for patterns and started testing them out this week. I'll probably show off the ones I did test after I complete more, but wanted to post my own "tutorial". After looking at this one person's pattern, what she did didn't make sense to me! It just wouldn't work. So I decided to make my own tiny flowers. So I apologize, this is my first time giving a tutorial, no less my first time making my own version of something, and also apologize for giving my camera to my husband (had to edit the photos afterward, couldn't get the darkness right). Oh, should I apologize that about my non-manicured hands, too? LOL. Any way, show/tell me your results.

Chain 6
Join with a slip stitch to beginning chain to form a loop.
Chain 3, then do 2 triple crochets into the loop, followed by a single crochet into the loop. Do this a total of four times. The fifth petal you'll chain three, followed by the two triple crochets into the loop and slip stitch it to the bottom (the picture below shows the back, where I slip stitched it not into the next petal, but using one of the loops chains), then pull until tight and cut it apart.

So... how did I do? I hope everyone took into consideration the last time I tried to crochet was probably 3 years ago, and even then I was a beginner!


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