Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm alive

It's been a long week - to say the least. We tried to make the most of it by going to a Farmer's Market the same day as finding out the dreaded news, and it was good for us. We did have a good time going. I'll talk more about it and add some pictures in the following days.

We decided a few days ago we would by a tree or shrub in memory of all our lost babies. I finally decided on a shrub what's known as an english roseum rhododendron. Try saying that a few times fast! It's going to look beautiful when it blooms, but I'm not sure if we'll be here or not by the time it does since we have 2 1/2 years until we're out of the Navy so probably 2 years until our house is on the market.

Either way, it is something I wanted to do in memory so we had to get our back yard ready. Today, even when the rain was trickling down, all of us were outside working on the yard. Yesterday we weed whacked most of the long grass down and today we actually dug up a tree stump and a lilac stump which weren't where we'll plant the shrub but close to it. Then my husband took the new tiller attachment we got for our new weed whacker (it's a Troy Bilt that you can put 6 different attachments onto it that you have to buy, which is kind of cool) and started using that today. It's not completely done, but we had fun. Kiddo had a blast playing in the back yard, digging and getting dirty. What kid doesn't? It was good to do something outside the house and felt like we accomplished something today.

Other news: I'm starting to try and lose weight again so I'll be adding another blog soon. It's not going to focus on calories or counting them, but since I got a recumbent bike it will focus on how many miles I'm logging in. I'm aiming for something like "From Washington to Idaho" and will figure out how many miles it roughly is and try to accomplish that in a year (or by the end of the year). I'm still working out on the details.

P.S. Any one else notice I've now used two Kenny Chesney songs? "I'm Alive" was not intentional though. Haha.


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