Monday, May 17, 2010

More fun times

April 10th we went to Bainbridge Island, WA again. I really love the location, it's got a lot of different areas nearby water. It has scenes of Seattle in the distance, depending where you go and you can find beautiful places to take pictures. That and the area isn't just good for adults but great for children. We started the day at a beach, where I took pictures and my husband and son decided to spend their time on the playground near by. After a while it started getting chilly so we decided to drive around. We found this beach area, where no one could really park near that had the *closest* view of Seattle in the distance. With no where to park, I couldn't exactly have us stop for a photo opportunity. With my husband not having his cell phone, I couldn't have him drop me off for 2-5 minutes either. I was saddened. If you actually look into my husband's sun glasses you can see where our final destination was - a play ground. Probably the best picture I took that day - most of them failed to meet my expectations. Andrew have his fun for quite some time at this play ground, until we decided to walk down the beach a little after ward. By the time all was done it was getting late so we headed out. It's so cute because every time we do an activity like this our son crashes on the way home.

May 10th was "Corey's Day on the Farm" in Silverdale. Andy *loves* going to this!! I'll actually show a few of my pictures from today, since it was a fun filled day with a lot of pictures I loved!! (Sorry won't be showing all of them!!)

First you start with horse rides!! He loves riding on horses. I asked him later if he was going to be a cowboy when he was older and he promptly told me, "yes!!" It's so good seeing him have such a blast and he loves riding all the horses, we probably had him go on 6-8 horse rides during this day!!

Andrew also loved the wagon rides they had. We only went on two rides though - they go around the farm area which only takes probably 4-5 minutes at max but waiting in the line for it always takes some time! The first time we went on the one pulled by a tractor and the second one we went on was pulled by two horses.

I'm sure I could go on about the day! It was definitely a good time and so good seeing Andrew have a great time with the horses. Of course now he wants to go back ASAP and it doesn't quite work that way. Maybe we'll take him to see a rodeo soon though... still deciding.

Since finding out I was pregnant we haven't done as much adventures and escapes. Not because I don't want to, but I find myself too tired to want to do much on the weekends besides stay home.


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