Monday, January 18, 2010

I've been busy

Okay so this past week I promise I *have* been working on my bisque ornaments, but I've also been a tad sidetracked!! Okay... really REALLY sidetracked! My husband and I have been discussing more and more actually letting me get a good camera! Not an $1800 one, obviously, but a Cannon EOS Rebel T1i. It's a great DSLR camera - 15.1 megapixel with an 18-55 mm lens included. Kind of exciting, but of course I'm nervous about any expenses to get these items! Although best-buy has a deal going on where I can get a credit card and pay no interest for 18 months assuming the full balance is paid off. I'm considering that offer - it would honestly help my credit!

Obviously I'd be buying more equipment for it.. a camera like this you can't just buy the camera and expect things to happen. I'm aiming to get some SDHC cards (saw 8GB ones on sale), an extra battery, another lens (I cannot remember the one I'm planning to get but it's a decent one), tripod, carrying case, and cleaning tools. I could get the price up there, but it'd be so worth it and the camera will last me a lifetime. Unfortunately, though, the one thing I'd *really* want to add to the bundle is.... photoshop. You seriously cannot go wrong with photoshop. Hopefully someday I can't get that as well - but a new camera will help out a ton.

Obviously if you have a great camera you need to be able to do things with it! So husband and I have been discussing going on short vacations every weekend he has off. It'll be good for all of us, even our little kiddo to go out and get to see the surrounding areas. Hopefully I can make some profit off the photos I take to allow us to afford the vacations more freely. If all means I might need to see if I can get a free job taking photos of someone's wedding and see if they'd be willing to buy copies for a little difference. Who knows, it's one of those things that will take me a while to work out. But as Aldon said, "at least if you don't sell any photos, you'll still have a camera you take great pictures with." Well said :)

When the time comes I might be making a blog only for my pictures and progress. It is a type of art/craft but this was meant for other projects! It sounds like a lot of work.


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