Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My progress so far

This one I got the most accomplished on - although don't let looks deceive you, his body is no where done on the back side! There's a few places needing fixed - which is why the first mouse has white on his neck. I also noticed a little too late part of the brown I covered was not his foot, it was part of the ribbon. At least I can cover it in white then pant it whatever the ribbon color will be (probably a silver or gold, although I did find a metallic blue which I like as well). This should not take too much longer to finish these, but last minute fix-ups will be a given.

This one was improved a little bit. I changed the colors to match mittens - since before I thought they were just his hands but husband proved me wrong. Would have looked good either way, but still. I finished the ears and face color - a lot more to do still, but it will get done. I need to find the perfect mix for the snow, probably going to go with a white/light blue and then put pearl finish on it in the end (that's what the shine on it is right now). I just want it to stick out more. Of course the back isn't painted either...

As you can tell these didn't get much accomplished on it. All I really did was add a few metallic blue ornaments on the trees, add metallic silver to the ribbon and crimson red to the holly berries on the wreath.

That's pretty much the update. Got a lot done considering but much more to finish along with fixing the mess-ups. Once these are complete I'll start working on a dozen more ornaments. I arranged them all into the ones that have more than one and am working on those before the individuals get started. If I can accomplish 7 in a week I think I'll be fine. I really should start looking up crafting fairs in the general area, especially the one they have here in November. If I find out I can sign up I need to make sure I can finish not only these but other stuff I want to do. That's my goal.


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