Monday, April 19, 2010

Been busy...

Lately I've been trying often to go out with my son and my husband and take some pictures with my "new" camera and capture some memories as well. Every weekend if it's been great weather we've done something, which is wonderful. There's been a few weekends where we stayed at home, but for the most part we've gotten to see a few different places in Washington.

January 23rd we went to Sequim, WA. There's a game farm there which has a lot of different animals - peacocks, bears, bison, buffalo, elk, deer and a few other types of animals. It was fun slowly driving through and feeding the animals. Andrew didn't throw out really any bread - we wanted to be safe and have him just enjoying the animals. That way we could stick our windows up quickly when we needed to (like with the bigger animals). He had a blast looking at all the animals. We also looked around part of the hood canal, saw some animals and looked at the water.

January 24th we took a ferry ride to Seattle, WA. We took a walk along the harbor and made our way to the Seattle Aquarium. It was nice! It was definitely a little busy and hard to get many pictures, but Andrew had a good time checking out the sea creatures - fish, anemone, star fishes, and a huge octopus. There was also a second area that had puffins, sea otters, and a few other neat animals as well. He also got his face painted while we were there which he loved, although it got quickly smeared around. It was definitely a good experience, although if we ever do it again I think we'll buy the family pass and make it more worthwhile. It was roughly $35 to get two adults and one child in and the family pass is roughly $85 for the whole year. Go three times in the year and you make up the value and then some.

January 27th was a decent day - I went to the Seabeck, WA beach alone while Andrew was at school just to explore a new area. I didn't get many good pictures, I was still trying to discover how to get my camera to work. In fact I've had this camera three months and I *still* don't know every thing about it. Didn't take as many pictures as I now do - took some shots of the playground, a cabin nearby, and the beach. This is my favorite shot from that day. Kind of feels like the view from a child's eyes. Thankfully I did go there another time with Andrew - I'll talk about that in another blog, of course. Make sure this one doesn't drag on too long!

January 30th a submarine came back and so my husband, son and I got to witness that. It was kind of neat since I never actually watched when the submarine came in with my husband. I tried to stalk the submarine and shoot a ton of pictures (and betting the coast guard had their eyes on me), but alas this is the only picture that turned out that day. It was a dark and gloomy day and since I didn't know my camera well enough all the pictures closeup have a ton of noise in it. Not cool. I was glad we made it to our destination since the draw bridge had every one backed up for about 40 minutes!

I'll add more another time - leave it at two or three pictures and comments until I'm completely caught up.


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