Thursday, April 22, 2010

More memories

March 6th and 7th some of our family came to visit!! Misty and Arnn brought their two children Jaimee and Connor down to visit since they had cheer-leading competition (for Jaimee) in Tacoma. So both days, after competition was over, they came over to our house and had some fun!! LOL the picture looks funny because most of the night Jaimee, Connor, and Andrew had licking fights. Unfortunately it ended when Andrew fell and bashed the corner of his head into my oak chest and started bleeding. I think the parents were more freaked out then he was. He was a champ though and now has the scar to prove it (picture on the right shows the scar a couple weeks after). It was a great weekend - some games, food, and a lot of talking.

March 13th was Seabeck, WA again. This time I actually did take my son and husband with. Andrew was wanting to play on the playground so Aldon took him and watched him while I took some beautiful pictures of the water and beach area. I was still testing out settings on my camera - some worked, some didn't. As always a ton of reject photos. This is one of my favorites - the water crashing in the front and in the background the clouds lightly covering the mountains. So beautiful. After I was done walking a while and taking a lot of pictures I went to the playground and had fun taking pictures of my son (and in the end realizing what settings you don't use with a super quick child). It was a great day, and very beautiful.

Originally I posted my two favorite pictures, but wanted to show more of them! March 18th Andrew and I went to Poulsbo, WA and walked along the boardwalk they have there. I noticed that the seagulls were eating their lunch - they would pick up a clam and drop it on the rocks below. The clam would break open enough so the seagulls could open it and get their meal out. It was somewhat gross, but pretty cool to hear the loud thunks of clams hitting the ground. Let me tell you - probably best to never stand under them when they're doing things like that or have a car near the water because I'm betting it'd do some serious damage. After watching this my son and I trailed the beach a little and found a playground for him to play on before we headed back, since it was a little chilly and we'd been out for a while.


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