Friday, April 23, 2010


March 20th we went to Port Townsend, WA and headed to the Fort Worden and checked out the area. There was a beach - so beautiful, full of sand (some of the "beaches" down here are full of rocks) and so Andrew had a blast playing with the sand toys we brought with. Eventually we started walking and looking at more of the area - the beautiful water, the light house, and went on a little hike up to bunkers that were built roughly in the early 1900's. It was amazing to look around, walk in these bunkers and take shots of them. Kind of eerie but also neat. Aldon wound up seeing a deer close-by so I tried to take a few pictures - found out pictures don't turn out well when auto-focus keeps aiming for the branches in front of the deer. I stalked that deer quite a while and got a good 15-20 feet away from him before he'd start moving. I only like 2-3 of all the deer pictures in the end. Majority were blurred. Overall a spectacular day, aside from me falling twice during the whole time.

March 27th we headed to Bainbridge Island, WA. We spent about 2 hours in the aquatic center they have. It's a pretty good sized aquatic center - has a pool that's warmed up to about 86 degrees for children, and attached to it is what it called the lazy man's river where you go in it and pretty much the current moves you. It's kind of fun! Andrew loved going on the water slide they had there - you would think he'd be scared of the tubing being completely dark in there, but he enjoyed himself a ton!! After we were done we went and checked out a playground for a little bit then walked on a beach and saw Seattle very close in the distance. Even closer then it was in Hansville! Unfortunately my camera had a fit and the pictures of Seattle in the distance look more water color then anything (someone explained it to me as when it's hot that the steam/humidity rise of some structures and that's what caused the Seattle needle to look that way.) Bummer. But an awesome day, as always!

We had fun on Easter weekend. On April 3rd we went to Bainbridge Island with the Staleys (who have two twin girls that are my son's age) and went to the aquatic center for a couple hours. They had this egg hunt there, but it was lame since only those who got eggs were in the front. Personally it was unfair since three children had 5+ eggs and the rest had none. Their "consolation" bag consisted of a few candies for the children who didn't get any eggs. But we had fun in the water when the egg hunt was done, then we went home and had an egg hunt at our house, colored some cookies (that were cut with Easter molds), and ate Papa Murphys. It was a great day!! The day after, on Easter, we went to the Staleys house for a couple hours and painted/colored our hard-boiled eggs. The children had a blast!! And as you can see from the picture - we got Andrew a snazzy new suit and he's so handsome!


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