Thursday, July 13, 2006

And time does fly

It seems times flying by quickly. Andrew will be five months old tomorrow and I haven't updated this site in two months! I really should've because he's been accomplishing a lot and I don't want to miss putting down any milestones or praises. Unfortunetely I can't remember all of what he accomplished last month but I'll try!

First, we'll mention his appointment last month. The fourth month check-up our little Tigger weighed in at 15 Ibs 2 Oz and was 26 1/4 inches long. That put him in the 50% for his weight and 90%(!) for his height. All the things the pediatrician asked us if he did he either has been doing for a while or had just barely started. Here's his accomplishments since my last update.

The 4th Month (3-4 months):
-Started rolling from his back to front
-By the end of the month rolling from both his front to back, and back to front.
-Pushes up quite a bit when on his tummy
-Discovered his feet near mid-month
-Giggling and laughing more often
-Full of smiles
-Grasps things pretty well
-Still trying to get that paci in his mouth, still winds up trying to put it in backwards
-Still trying to pull himself with crunches, once did it when he was on me and got in an upright position for a few seconds

The 5th Month (4-5 months):
-Becoming a pro at rolling back to front, and front to back
-Such a pro at rolling he'll be a few feet from where we put him if we leave the room a minute
-Thinks squealing is fun. He does it when he's tired (which is the worst because that hurts the most), squeals when he's happy, and squeals to be heard
-Babbles, often
-Starts making noise if we put our finger over his mouth, that way we start making it sound like he's an indian. Will have to put up a video sometime to show it since the explanation isn't the best
-Pushes off his tummy VERY well
-Of course very full of smiles and laughs
-Reaches and grabs objects (this has become a problem because he rolls and has wound up finding things, like pieces of paper. House is now being baby proofed and floors cleaned from items)
-Along with reaching out and grabbing objects, putting them in his mouth
-Has occasionally been on his back and pushes off the carpet to move along the floor a couple feet
-Will wind up in different positions in his crib, like being 180 degrees from where he started or sleeping on his side or tummy. Will add pictures of that soon
-Been introduced baby food. Had some funny faces at first :) Enjoys banana and applesauce (only two he's been introduced too). He's fed by spoon, but doesn't eat it too often, yet
-Feet are now being pulled up to mouth and put in his mouth

We have a little sheet of paper they gave us when we had Andrew called "Owner's Manual". It has months and what milestones they should have accomplished. He's accomplished everything he should be in the fourth month and some for the sixth month. I figure I'll put down a little checklist.

4 Months Old
Raises body on hands
Rolls front to Back
Good Head Control (how about GREAT head control?)
Reaches for objects
Grasps without release

6 Months Old
Single COnstanants (Does ooos and mamamamamas count?)
Makes sounds back if you make sounds first (We have conversations with eachother sometimes)
Rolls both ways
Sits with Support (this is a question mark because he'll sit when on us but isn't stable yet, but he's got a month to work on that)
Picks things up with a raking grasp
Transfers cubes (Nope? That one I don't get what they're meaning)
Looks for dropped items (and tries getting them)

So he's doing great on his milestones, to say the least. There's other little things he does otherwise too, but if I put them all I'd never end this. I'll try to update things more often. Take care, everyone!


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