Saturday, May 20, 2006

I apologize

It's so hard to believe my little man is already 3 months. It's surreal as it still feels like he should just be a newborn. I remember so much of the details it's hard to think he could be three months at all. And here I haven't been writing down all the details of what has been happening.

The 1st Month (0-1 months):
-Recognizing us
-Pays attention to us
-By the end of this month he became more alert and aware of everything around him
-Sleeps most of the time
-Eating about every 2-3 hours
-Lost his umbilical cord and had his first bath at 13 days young

The 2nd Month (1-2 months):
-Becomes very responsive
-Starts "talking to us" with oohs and ahhs
-Pays close attention to us
-Trying hard to control hand movements, but has no success
-Mid-month has wonderful head support
-Starts paying attention to the fish that go in circles on his oceanwonder swing
-Near the end of the month starts mocking our laughs
-Occasionally smiles (not gas related)
-Sticks out his tongue as a game, Aldon or I will try to grab it and it'll cause him to smile
-Awesome head support by the end of the month, has turned into a little superman (pictures will be up soon showing our little Superman)
-Attempts to move his head around to put back in his paci if it falls out
-Tries to do pushups when it is tummy time
-Is such a wiggle worm
-Eats around every 3-4 hours

The 3rd Month (2-3 months)
-Starts to gain more control of hands
-Discovered his hands, which now start going into his mouth
-Tries using his hands to push his paci back in his mouth (only once or twice with success) but mostly winds up pulling it out
-Starts grasping at things.. mainly mommies hair but also toys (which then go into his mouth)
-Very talkative, tries to communicate with a lot of sounds... coos, ahhs, squeals, etc.
-Starts giggling more, thinks daddy is such a blast
-Knows he's ticklish, he'll respond to tickled feet by jerking them away. Going to take after daddy and become a kicker when he's tickled, I can tell.
-Loves having his face touched
-Does wonderful pushups when on the floor
-At the end of the month (May 12th) my mother came to visit. He showed gramma the good stuff. When he was on his back he started to turn to the side which we've never seen before. However, he could only get to his side because he couldn't figure out where to move his arm. The day mother was leaving (technically 3 months old, May 15th) he went the distance. My mother got him on camera, for the very first time, rolling from his back to his tummy. Success!
-At the end of the month tries so hard to pull up, like he's doing a crunch to situp. Gets around halfway
-Eats about every 3-4 hours, at night usually wakes up once or twice

He's been so active. Personally, I think he's trying to be an overachiever. I don't mind, I love seeing his milestones. I know if he could, he'd be crawling by now. Everytime he's on his tummy he tries so hard to move. We'll see how long it takes the little man to master crawling. For now, we'll work on his sleeping schedule :grins:

I promise I'll update more and promise the album website will be up within the week.


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