Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Introduction

As with all new bloggers starting out, they find themselves beginning with the introduction. My name is Krystal, I'm 21 years old, married 3 years 7 months to my wonderful Navy man, and we're expecting our first child.

We tried over 2 years to conceive without success. In January I found out I was pregnant, but unfortunetely it ended in miscarriage in early February. We weren't planning on trying again until I got my weight down to 180 (my choice) but destiny had it's own plans. I found out the 5th of June that I was pregnant. Something just told me I should take a pregnancy test and to my surprise... I was very much pregnant. On the 9th it was confirmed by my primary care manager and on the 28th I had my first ultrasound.

So here we are, starting our new blog about pregnancy and the likes. I do hope you enjoy your stay.

Sidenote: I may be converting my TTC Journal into this one, to save space. We'll see.


Sarah W said...


You have given me so much hope. I received my official diagnosis of PCOS four months ago, although I've suspected it for years and years. We have been trying for almost a year now and its so difficult to watch everyone around me conceive. I feel like God has abandoned me sometimes. But reading your study has made my heart feel as if it was going to burst. It has truly encouraged me and give me faith that I will conceive one day.

Thanks so much....

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