Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The homecoming

Aldon came home the 13th of this month. This is an E-mail "update" I sent to a lot of my message groups about the event.

Well, first for those who are wondering why Aldon didn't know ahead... I found out I was pregnant three days after he went out to sea. We didn't have many maildrops and then they went on alert. By the time they got off it was about 2 weeks before they'd be home.. and since I think telling him on paper is a little impersonal I decided to wait :o)

When I finally saw him, after waiting about 1 1/2 hours for him to get off the boat... I was soooo nervous. I had it all planned out but was hesitating. I told Aldon I had something to tell him... I said, "there's someone new in my life, and I want them to be in yours." He raised an eyebrow and starting looking around the crowd! I told him I had a picture of them since they couldn't come. I opened my purse backpack and started giving him items to "hold onto" so I could get to the picture. First I pulled out my crackers, then I handed him a baby bottle (which he started smiling about), then a pacifier, then a baby diaper... he saw what was at the bottom and was like, "there's an ultrasound..." so I handed it to him.

He just stared and smiled at the ultrasound for the longest time. He asked me how far I am and I told him I was ten weeks now, that I found out a few days after he left. He hardly spoke a word! He was so happy. He just HELD onto me and wouldn't let me go. Unfortunetely he had watch duty so he had to let go of me. I asked him if I should keep ahold of the baby picture since he wasn't letting it out of his grasp either. It was too cute.

When he got home we cuddled and talked about it. He was *very* shocked but said he's also very excited about it. So all went well :o) He's babying me a little. I think we're both nervous about everything. But we're both very excited :oD


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