Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our vacation Part #1

I know, it's been about two weeks since we got back from vacation and I still haven't uploaded photos or anything! I tend to be a slacker when it comes to that! So I'll give you an update on our exciting vacation! And photos as well, aren't I such a doll? I won't do our vacation all at once, considering we were out and about for 2 1/2 weeks so this will probably be limited to the first day... since it's a little late.

I doubt this will show up as big as this thing really is!! I made this photo 11 inches by 7 inches so it's huge! And I should be able print it off at walmart or somewhere near that size for a scrapbook, so it works out well! As always, respect my copyright please! If you see any one else using my photos somewhere please do tell me! Trust me, I'm not going to take it easily if I find them elsewhere and I would hate to have to make my blog private.

Anyway, we took our 6 hour journey from the Bremerton, WA area to Athol, Idaho's theme park Silverwood to see what it was all about. It's a fun place! Aldon and I aren't really theme park kind of people... well, except when it came to Disney World but that's a whole other story! We don't really do rides - so we do other things! We each took our turn and went on the carousel with Andrew, he absolutely loved them! I think if he had his way we'd spend all day riding those. As you can see it was fun trying to catch a picture of kiddo and us when we were going by! It looks cool in the one shot with the blur around them though.

We decided to have lunch, considering we were starved. The place is so huge and even with a map we were lost, but managed to find a place to have essentially pizza and a magic show. It was neat to watch the magic show and Andrew loved it as well. Aldon enjoyed it too, but spoiled it knowing how they pulled everything off. LOL.

Silverwood Theme Park has a huge water theme park attached to it which is where we spent most of the day! I think we spent 2 hours at that part before Andrew wanted to stop (mind you, we left at 5 am that morning and he hasn't had a nap at all). I didn't take any photos of this whole time, since I was brave and wore a swimsuit out in public and joined in the water with Andrew. After we got back in our normal clothes we enjoyed some ice cream and I had to snap a shot of Andrew with ice cream all over his face. So cute!

We wanted to make most of our time there, even though we had a 2 hour drive left to accomplish that night, and decided to do the train ride show they had there. Bandits come and "rob" the train and any money they made out with was donated to a charity. It was enjoyable and Andrew thought it was neat.. the bandit was joking when he told Andrew to come along with her, but he totally was going to listen! Imagine the amusement of everyone around us when I had to tell my son that he wasn't going with them!

Afterward we walked around some, let Andrew ride the toddler roller coaster, then let him play on the tree playground there. Around 6 we called it a day, headed out to eat some food, and then drove 2 hours more and stopped at Aldon's brother's place for the night.

Part 2 and most likely 3 to come in the future!


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