Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sometimes I love photoshop

As you can imagine with me trying to make designs for Zazzle I have been using and abusing my photoshop program more. Today I've been trying to learn a few simple things and I got to say it's fun!! So I have got to show off what I've done.
First we'll start with the American flag. You can see it in my post before this - it's the flag I used inside the heart. Well I turned it into a pattern overlay in photoshop. Then I made the word love and used the pattern overlay in it, resulting in:

May not too look a lot but it was fun!! Then I learned a different technique on how to change the color of items - so I decided to do it on a photo of my son. I'll show the original and two fun edits:

The original photo above

And the two fun edits!

I know for some photo editors this is, well, boring to say the least. However for me it was rather fun to test his eye colors out!! I know... overkill, right? But sure was fun!!


*kim* said...

great job on the PS work! I have used Zazzle to order pins for work, but didn't know you could use it for this! Very cool. Good luck with your venture. :)

Thanks for your comment on my Etsy name. It's nice to get input from others.

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