Wednesday, February 01, 2006

39 Weeks 4/7 Days (or 2/7 Days)

Isn't it amazing how close I am to the end? I still can't believe it. And while I'm not really thinking about delivery and I'm not too nervous, I still am at the same time. I don't think anyone is ever prepared for the end. The delivery. How do you prepare for an event like that besides packing your bags? Which I haven't completed, by the way. That's the task on today's agenda. I just don't think there is anyway to physically and emotionally prepare yourself for the day.

My mother arrived here Friday, January 27th, which is very nice to have. She's leaving here February 14th, that way she should be here for the birth and be here long enough Aldon will be home. The extra hand with her being here has came in handy. That, and it's great to have her around. Plus it's been good on my sleeping schedule, in a way. I wake up when she wakes up, since I'm a light sleeper. Today, though, I woke up before her because my cats were making too much noise at 8 AM.

We've accomplished so much since she's been here. We've got the crib set up, clothes washed and put away, more of the painting accomplished, and so much more. It's been a relief.

Monday, January 30th, was my 39th week appointment routine checkup. My blood pressure was 124/78 which was still good to me! Considering my weight gain and everything I'm really surprised my blood pressure has been very good. My weight was a bit bad though. I've gained a ton. The doctor pointed it out, as if I should "watch my weight", and obviously I have been watching it... it's been going up. LOL. Seriously, though, I haven't eaten all that horrible lately so I don't know what is going on.

The babies heart rate is doing very well and my uterus is measuring right on schedule. She then did an internal exam. I'm already 2 CM dilated and 50% effaced. The baby is stationed at -2 which means he's right in there where he needs to be. He's head down (don't ask me how she found out! It hurt like a mo-fo). So everything is going along well. When she was doing the internal she started moving her finger back and forth and I started complaining about the pain so she stopped. She was trying to strip my membranes! She said if I was ready to go into labor it would help push me into it. And if it wasn't time, I wouldn't. She mentioned though she so wanted to "strip the bejeebus out of" me because she swears I would've gone into labor. Only reason she didn't was because I was in pain. Who the hell wouldn't be? One thing she mentioned is that daughters tend to take after their mother in delivery. I think that made mom a little anxious, considering she had her first delivery take only 9 hours (quick for a first delivery) and that was because he was breached and I only took an hour and a half.

After the appointment I wanted to show my mother the birthing rooms so she could feel at ease about everything. The second we got onto the floor she mentioned she was now getting nervous. I asked one of the ladies on the floor if she had an open room available so I could show mother around. She walked us around every area of the place. She showed us the room (which has the biggest tub in there), she showed us where the baby would be circumcised, the incubators (?), everything. She also answered every question I could think of. Questions about circumcision, what they'd do if I don't have enough time to get antibiotics for my GBS, if I could still relax in a bath during labor, etc.

That night I was in contraction heaven. Mother was getting very worried because I kept getting contractions every 5 minutes for around 30-45 seconds long. But they were irregular since a few were 10-15 minutes apart. They say true labor involves back pressure/pain and that is exactly what I was having too. They settled down when I moved around and we both went to sleep. This next part is a little gross so those who may be relatives skip over the italicized part: Yesterday I noticed I've lost part of my mucous plug which means my body is prepping. Today I lost a ton more of my mucous plug. It doesn't necessarily mean I'll be in labor soon, but it means my body is taking a step in the right direction.

Ever since that appointment, though, I've been having more contractions. Not really any today, thankfully.

That is pretty much all there is to say. Pray Aldon makes it home in time!


Sarah W said...


I was diagnosed w/ PCOS and trying to conceive for almost a year now.

Your blog has made me feel faith that I haven't felt in a while. It was so encouraging reading about your trials in conceiving and then finally getting pregnant. It has give me so much hope that you will never know.

Thanks so much.

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